Then Vince Said to Herschel... is full of wonderful storiespieces of our history and tradition.
Holly Jones of The Times-Herald

Published in 2007 by Triumph Books; Forewords by Vince Dooley and Larry Munson; 254 pages. Book includes an audio CD, where a behind-the-scenes look at the best Georgia football stories ever told is revealed.

Few programs in college football can match the storied history of the Georgia Bulldogs, a tradition that includes national championships, a dozen Southeastern Conference championships, Heisman Trophy winners, and even future NFL Super Bowl MVPs. Now you can grab a front row seat, relive the memories, and get ready to read some of the greatest stories in the history of Georgia football. "Then Vince Said to Herschel..." is the book written for every true fan of the Dogs.

From legendary coach Vince Dooley to star quarterback Fran Tarkenton, from Heisman Trophy-winner
Herschel Walker to curr
ent head coach Mark Richt, "Then Vince Said to Herschel..." gives you an inside
look at the greatest players, 
people, and moments in Georgia football history. 

Follow the ups and downs of 115 years of Georgia football, from the team's first win over Mercer in 1892 to the comeback victory over Virginia Tech in the 2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl. Don't be left out of the loop. Get the firsthand accounts from true team insiders. Experience the excitement. Be there for the celebrations. Find out just how it really happened in "Then Vince Said to Herschel..."



Best book yet on Georgia football history!
—Dan Magill, the late, great UGA athletics icon

Published in 2008 by Scarecrow Press; Foreword by Dan Magill; 369 pages.

On January 30, 1892, the University of Georgia played its first football game, beating Mercer College, 50-0. Since this auspicious beginning, Georgia football has captivated the hearts and minds of fans for more than a century. Beginning with the 1896 season, Patrick Garbin recounts the most memorable seasons in the University of Georgia's football history. Spanning 115 years of Bulldog football, About Them Dawgs! provides a game-by-game recap of more than 20 of the school's notable seasons. Each of these seasons is covered with game highlights, facts, statistics, and photographs relating to the Bulldogs. 

Following each season's recap is a section highlighting the career of an outstanding Georgia player or coach who contributed to the team's success. Some of the most important players and coaches in all of college football are profiled here, including Fran Tarkenton, George Woodruff, Vernon "Catfish" Smith, Jake
Scott, Vince Dooley, Champ Bailey, Erk Russell, Terry Hoage, Garrison Hearst, David Pollack, and Heisman-trophy winner Herschel Walker.

Packed with fascinating details, a comprehensive records and statistics section, and extensive information on players, legends, and lore, About Them Dawgs! recreates the most exciting moments in Bulldog history.



It's a beautiful book!—"Giant" Brian Carothers, Project 9-6-1's "The Giant Show"

Published in 2008 by Triumph Books; Foreword by Charley Trippi; 224 pages.

Many outstanding plays in the 116-year history of Georgia Bulldogs football enhance a tradition that few schools can match. In this book, author Patrick Garbin has selected the 50 top plays in Bulldogs history, ranked them by greatness, and detailed each play with not only a description, but also a slew of supplemental materials. From Georgia allowing football's first forward pass in 1895 to the Bulldogs' celebration following their initial touchdown against Florida in 2007, which seemingly inspired the team and turned around a season, The 50 Greatest Plays in Georgia Bulldogs Football History is certain to be of interest to all football fans, regardless of their team allegiance.

Did you know that Fran Tarkenton's winning touchdown pass that defeated Auburn in 1959 was a play Tarkenton literally made up in the huddle? Are you aware that seconds prior to his remarkable breakup of a critical pass in the end zone against Vanderbilt in 1983, Terry Hoage had fallen down on the play? From the heartbreaking--like Pittsburgh's Dan Marino throwing for a score on fourth down to defeat the Bulldogs in the 1982 Sugar Bowl--to the unbelievable--such as David Pollack's strip of South Carolina's quarterback in the end zone for a touchdown in 2002--The 50 Greatest Plays in Georgia Bulldogs Football History is a must-read for every fan of the Dogs. Every play's description is accompanied with game details and quotes from participants, players, and observers. 

In addition, key personalities are highlighted in biographical sketches, and captivating, rare photographs supplement each of the plays. As an added feature, a number of plays are diagrammed, illustrating with "Xs and Os" just how the play came to pass. Read about George Woodruff, Bob McWhorter, Frank Sinkwich, Charley Trippi, Herschel Walker, and many others, and relive 50 plays that have left indelible marks on the history of University of Georgia football.


Published in 2010 by Turner Publishing; 216 pages.

On January 30, 1892, on a field adjacent a small university’s quadrangle, just behind its New College, a mascot—the university goat—was paraded before approximately 1,500 spectators. The goat was followed by students rooting “Rah, rah, rah, ta Georgia!” for the school’s newly established athletic team. Football was about to be introduced at the University of Georgia in a contest against Mercer College. It was the first football game in the deep South.

Through hundreds of spectacular photographs, Historic Photos of University of Georgia Football recounts the first nine decades of one of the most storied college football programs in the nation, beginning with its inception nearly 120 years ago. Relive Georgia football’s mostly peaks and some valleys through its 1980 season, when mascot Uga III patrolled the sidelines, fans in red and black shouted “Go You Silver Britches!” and everyone marveled “How ’Bout Them Dawgs?” as the Bulldogs captured their first undisputed national championship.



To honor Patrick Garbin’s incredible commitment to and expertise concerning the University of Georgia football program, I felt it best to reflect on my very first memory of the Georgia-Florida game during my years “between the hedges.”
—All-American Tim Worley from book's foreword

Published in 2011 by Triumph Books; Foreword by Tim Worley; 329 pages.

Spotlighting a team that holds the edge in a series dating back to 1904, this pro-Georgia history proves why fans should love the Bulldogs and hate their archrivals, the Florida Gators. A pep talk from Erk Russell is featured as is beloved mascot Uga, and the “Gator Stomp” that made Tim Tebow look even goofier than usual is highlighted for good measure.

This entertaining chronicle argues for adoring Buck Belue while raking Rex Grossman over the coals, relating the fantastic coaching stories of the legendary W. A. Cunningham, Wally Butts, and Vince Dooley as well as up-close and personal chats with Fran Tarkenton, Herschel Walker, Boss Bailey, and more. Combining the legacy of a timeless rivalry with challenging trivia and insider knowledge, this definitive account grapples with a southern clash as broad as the Georgia–Florida state line.