GAME OF MY LIFE: Georgia Bulldogs

Released in July 2013, GAME OF MY LIFE Georgia Bulldogs is co-authored by Patrick and his father, Dr. A.P. Garbin, a retired UGA professor.

In GAME OF MY LIFE Georgia Bulldogs, more than two dozen Georgia football players of the past share their fondest single-game experience, in their own words.  These memories go beyond what resulted on the gridiron...


[Bill] Clinton stuck his arm out the window and gave us a "thumbs up"...I'd  like to think the President of the United States was a Georgia fan on that particular day.

Each player reveals his "run-up" to the game of his life...

I walked out of that hospital with tears in my eyes while some big linemen were actually bawling...Visiting that hospital was the best thing that ever happened to me while I was at Georgia.

...and the "aftermath" to follow these games, as well. 


I  had been through hell with gasoline drawers on and thought I might die...I've actually had people, including some old teammates, recently tell me, 'I thought you were dead!'

Some of these games involve championships, others seem ordinary save for significant personal meaning. In each case, it is the player who singles out the game, that moment in time that to him is the most defining of his Bulldog career. From Cliff Kimsey's memory of the 1941 Georgia Tech game to Richard Samuel, whose touchdown against Florida in 2011 proved to be the game winner, and many more great Bulldogs in between, including Charley Trippi, Ray Goff, Terry Hoage, Matt Stinchcomb, and David Greene, 25 Bulldog players have created a plethora of memorable experiences on the football field. In this book, they can tell you about those games when everything seemed to come together to create an experience that they will never forget.

Publisher: Sports Publishing (2013) Pages: 272


$24.95 each