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Book Signings 
Patrick has conducted numerous book signings at bookstores and for private organizations and events.  If you would like to schedule a book signing, please send an email to:


TV and Radio

Patrick has been featured in dozens of television and radio interviews.  If you're interested in conducting an interview, Patrick can be contacted directly at (770) 362-5785.


During the week of the 2012 Georgia-Florida football game, Patrick appeared on "The Show with Chris Goforth" for Fox Sports Radio 1370 AM in Chattanooga, discussing his book, I Love Georgia/I Hate Florida, and the Bulldogs-Gators rivalry.

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     In December 2007, Patrick made his TV debut, appearing on Atlanta's CBS 46 Sportsline Saturday with Gil Tyree detailing and promoting his first book, Then Vince Said to Herschel...


     CLICK the speaker to hear Patrick's interview with 640 WGST's Randy Cook regarding the Georgia-Georgia Tech football rivalry.